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Friday, December 09, 2005
Have you been naughty or nice...?
Naughty, I hope! It's so much more fun!
Speaking of naughty, my paranormal erotic short, 'Winter Soulstice' is only pages away from being done! I should finish it tomorrow. Then, of course, I have to polish it until it shines!
After that it's back to the really wicked stuff, namely, 'The Lair', and another new BDSM story 'Love & Discipline'. This one will be more D/s than S/M-unusual for me! I'm thinking of putting those two together with The Bonds of Love as an anthology-they may all be easier to sell that way. Wish me luck!
Hope you've all stareted your holiday shopping-the holidays are upon us! Why is it I always find that perfect pair of shoes for myself this time of year? Today I saw these adorable black suede Marc Jacobs clogs with these little silver buckles and fur trim for only $79.00! I resisted-for now. I may have to go back tomorrow and get them. Hmmm...maybe a present to myself?

PS-my steamy romance, 'Cherokee Cowboy' is almost ready for release! You can check out the cover at and click on the scheduled releases.
And my Heat Sheet Sparkler, 'HeatWave' is still available at
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  • At 8:07 AM, Blogger Karen said…

    So productive! I'm jealous >.<

    Does Winter Soulstice have a home yet?

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