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Monday, October 31, 2005
My Interview at FAR!
I just found out my interview with Fallen Angel Reviews is up! Just go to:
Very exciting! Doing the interview was fun!
In my writing news, last night I wrote the favorite words of writers everywhere, 'The End' on my erotica novella, 'The Bonds of Love'. I still need my cp to look it over when she gets back from vacation, but it's basically done. Now I can get on with writing 'The Lair', which has sat on the back burner for a while.
I'm always excited about finishing a project because it means I get to work on something else, and I've always got several stories waiting in the wings.
Meanwhile, I'm going to take a small break and hand out Halloween candy to the Trick-or-Treaters. I hope they don't leave me with too much, because of course I'll have to eat it!
Happy Halloween everyone!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
sad day

Today I lost my kitty. Fuzzface was a 16 year old maine coon, who I loved dearly. He was my baby, and such a great cat. He was loving, but not in your face, never caused any trouble and was so cute! He was a big cat-19lbs-and loved to have his belly rubbed and be carried around in my arms like a baby.

I am just heart broken. I lost him in a rather horrible way, but then, it's always horrible, isn't it? I've spent much of the day just trying to distract myslef, but my boy is always in the forefront of my mind. I will miss him terribly!

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Monday, October 24, 2005
Recovering...and writing!
Well, I'm back from visiting my new nephew, who is the most gorgeous creature on earth. No, he really is. Okay, perhaps I'm not entirely objective. Maybe...
I threw my back out the last day of my trip, but since returning home, it's given me time to think while I'm laying around on my ice pack...and I've finally broken through a bad case of writers block! Now if I could only sit up long enough to really get some work done. Yesterday I sat wayyyyy too long and today I'm paying for it, but it was well worth it because I managed to re-structure this troublesome manuscript, 'The Bonds of Love', and now I know exc atly where it's going. If my back will stop forcing me to lay down every hour, I could actually get this book done in a week.
Meanwhile, I also wrote out a scene for my other wip, 'The Lair'. I feel like I'm really getting a handle on the Hero, Marcus. I'm modeling him after Olivier Martinez. (If you don't know who he is, watch the film Unfaithful, or google him). Still haven't decided yet if Marcus will have an accent. What do you think? An accent is always so sexy. He'll have to be either Italian or Spanish. Love those dark European men! Hmmm...he may be too good for my heroine...maybe I'll keep him for myself.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
My New Nephew!
My brother finally did it! Okay, his wife actually did most of the work, but we now have a next genreation! Ezra Johari David made his grand entrance into the world last week, after putting his mother through more than 24 hours of labor. He's got the longest fingers-we think he'll be a musician. Since he's already giving the women in his life a hard time, it's a natural.
I'm going to San Francisco this weeked to see him, so no writing for the five days I'm there. Not that I've been doing much of it, anyway-we've had company the last few days. But I have been doing lots of thinking.
People who aren't writers don't seem to understand that thinking-staring off into space while our brains churn through a plotting issue-are as productive as actually getting something down on paper. It's not like every writing session is about sitting down at the computer and the words and ideas magically flowing from our fingertips (although I LOVE when that happens!).
I have been a die-hard pantster who didn't believe plotting in advance was actually possible for me. But my brilliant cp has finally convinced me that not only is some advance plotting possible, but even desirable! So I'm trying. I'm still probably 80% pantster, but I do have a little plotting ability now, and even that tiny percentage is a big help.
No matter how long we've been writing, there is always something else to learn.
PS-go visit my website!
and go visit my cp's website!
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Thursday, October 06, 2005
Nope, I haven't been writing...
I know, I know! But I've been distracted.
We recently had a huge fire in my area-24,000 acres burned, and it came close enough to my house that I took my pets and evacuated. Very scary! Having to wander through my house and decide what I couldn't live without was awful and sad. But it also made me appreciate that we were all safe and had a little time to grab a few precious items. After several sleepless nights of tense fire watch, then a few more even after we got home safe and sound when I just couldn't seem to drift off without wanting to pop up and look out the window for new fires sprouting, I was exhausted.
So now I have a rather nasty flu, including a fever and a non-stop runny nose-sooo glamorous! Sorry-probably too much informatiuon, eh?
Anyway, I have not written a word for two weeks, except that mid-fire watch I did manage to finish my revisions on my romance novel, Cherokee Cowboy, which is due out from New Age Dimensions Publishing (written as Lisa Bradley) in December.
I'm still working on The Bonds of Love, then I need to finish writing The Lair, then I had this great idea that I'm dying to get to for an erotica novella set in ancient Greece. I have been doing some research, which has been fascinating! I want to know everything: what they wore, what they ate, what their daily lives were like. The artwork is incredible!
Speaking of art, I'm a huge art lover, which I talked a little about in an interview I just did with Fallen Angel Reviews. It should be up on their website soon! During the interview I realized that most of my characters do something creative for a living. Only one has been a writer, so far. But I have an art gallery manager, an art therapist, a muralist, an architect, an interior designer. I wonder if other writers have this sort of theme running through their writing?
Okay-off to sit with my pile of tissues and a cup of tea.
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