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Friday, May 30, 2008
Guest Blogger Adriana Kraft!
Today's guest author, Adriana Kraft, is an erotica author published with Extasy Books and Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. We met on the Passionate Ink forum, the Romance Writer's of America erotic romance author's chapter, and started talking about tattoos. Adriana just got her very first tattoo, so I thought it'd be fun to have her here, talking about her experience as a 'tattoo virgin' losing her virginity, and of course, to tell us a bit about her books!

Thanks so much for inviting me to be here today,
Eden, and congrats on the release of your tattoo fetish story "The Art of Desire" in Hot Nights and Dark Desires! You've had some great blogs and interviews up all month to celebrate. It looks like I'm the tattoo virgin of the bunch - in fact, apart from the age difference, I'm a little like your heroine: "a sheltered young woman turned on by the idea of getting tattooed."

Let me back up a second and tell you a bit about myself. Adriana Kraft is actually the pen name under which my husband and I write erotic romance together. If you think "married" and "erotic" don't go together, come read our books!

My tattoo is about transformation. Growing up I didn't know anyone who had tattoos. If I thought about it at all, I might have associated it with circuses, or maybe carnivals, but not with other people like me. That didn't change much when I reached adulthood. I travelled in circles where it wasn't the norm.

I do think body art has been creeping gradually into mainstream culture, though I couldn't begin to put dates on that change. In the last decade I've crossed paths with people sporting tattoos more and more often, in a range of social circles. However my choice to transform into a tattoo wearer wasn't about conforming to the new norm, but rather about breaking out of old ones, especially as a writer of erotic romance. And it was a character we wrote who actually planted the seed, if that's possible.

We'd written and submitted several manuscripts and doggedly kept on writing, polishing and submitting, waiting for something to break. Over two years ago, not long before our first contract offer, we created the character of Merry Delaney, a recently widowed forty year old woman who'd been pretty sheltered and focused on raising her daughter and caring for her dying husband. We didn't know when we started putting her story on the page that she'd want a tattoo - but Merry emerged from her cocoon, started tasting everything she'd been missing out on, and decided getting a tattoo was part of her transformation.

We polished that manuscript - The Merry Widow - and it was picked up by Whiskey Creek Press Torrid and published in January, 2008 (available as an e-book and in print). There's always a part of us in every character we write, and I know I identified with the way Merry reveled in her new freedom. She just thinks life is delicious.

I'm part of an exciting group of about 30 authors who've banded together for mutual support and promotion, the Midnight Seductions Authors. One of our members blogged about tattoos in April at the MSA blog and I found myself confessing I'd been thinking about getting one. Events tumbled forward fast from that point - by the next day, I'd made my decision and had a plan. I blogged about my progress in April and May at MySpace.

I thought I wasn't nervous, and mostly I wasn't, but I did act out a little: after I finally got the details on the best local tattoo parlor from a co-worker, I went silent and didn't tell my husband for several days. He finally prodded the information loose from me, and that was all it took. Within twenty four hours I had the appointment set.

There was never any question what I wanted for a tattoo: Merry's butterfly was mine, from the beginning, though not as flamboyant as the stunning tat our cover artist gave her. Besides being beautiful, a butterfly symbolizes so many things I love: nature, renewal, spring, freedom, and above all, transformation and miracle. It's a symbol of owning my whole self.

I decided to place it where I could have choices about sharing it. It's on my shoulder blade, so it's covered up most of the time, but easy to reveal if I want to share it, and high enough that it'll be visible when I wear a swimsuit or halter top.

The actual process was almost a letdown - it seemed very ordinary, didn't really hurt, and hardly matched my great expectations. But having it - that's a spiritual experience, a naughty little secret and a celebration all rolled into one. Probably very much like Merry's.

Here's a blurb for The Merry Widow and a link to an excerpt at our website:

For recently widowed accountant Merry Delaney, sex didn’t stop at forty—it stopped in her mid thirties, shortly after her husband was diagnosed with M.S. Now it’s time for a change. A sizzling kiss from her best friend Camille St. Jermaine introduces Merry to Girls’ Night Out, but she’s hardly going to stop there!

Chicago Detective Jim Barnes solicits Merry’s help with a mob funds-skimming case, spies on her while she entertains female and male lovers, entices her into hot phone sex, and finally takes her wildly in her foyer.

Can the scorching passion that soon smolders between Merry and Jim survive the escalating mob threats of exposure? Having discovered a zest for sex, will Merry ever again be satisfied with one man?

We currently have five books and one short story available at Extasy and Whiskey Creek Torrid, with seven more under contract. Our most recent release is Through the Mirror:

Lacy Hogan’s mantra: hot sex, zero commitment. But Doug Forsyth demands her all before revealing his trump card— can she trust him with her heart?

Hope you'll stop by and check us out!


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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Guest blogger Kalen Hughes!
I'm still celebrating the release of my tattoo novella, THE ART OF DESIRE, in the new Bantam anthology, HOT NIGHTS, DARK DESIRES, with guest authors blogging about their own tattoo experiences!
My guest author today is award-winning Zebra historical author, Kalen Hughes!

When Eden emailed me about being featured as an “inked author” I jumped at the chance. I love talking about my tattoos. A bit of background: I got my first tattoo when I was 25. It was a triangular modern primitive piece that hung between my shoulder blades. It was done by Patrick Conlon, who’s become something of a name . . . a few years later I was ready to expand it. Pat and I took it from its smallish beginnings to something simply amazing that spans my back from nape to waist (the painting shown here is of my back). A year or so later Pat and I added my bracelet. The backpiece is easily missed, for all it’s massive size. I wanted something I could see, something that was a little more public.
For me, being tattooed is about making a statement of tribal association. Much like the tattoos of the Japanese Yakuzi. The tattoo both claims a place in the specific society, and declares one’s commitment to it, as well as sets one apart from the mainstream, declaring one once and for all a part of the “other”.
In my other life I’m an award winning poet (how’s that for a secret?). I think this narrative poem says it best:

The Body as Fact

The burning question of our generation is not what car to buy. And it’s not what soda to drink (though historians will view commercials, and tell you differently). The question is what to do with the instincts we posses when they are no longer useful: We exist, we love, bound up in want need pheromone induced spark lust love at first sight call it what you will crap. Psychoanalysis occurs because we're out of touch, need someone else to tell us what's going on in our ids. Our common answer is a return to the primitive. A return to the body
as art, the body as artifact, the body as fact. Expression becomes a form of body language, or maybe its the other way round. Septum, cock, lobe, hood, the places we pierce with rings and bars and bones trip off the tongue (which also gets pierced, dumbbells of varying gages clicking when we kiss). We add tattoos: Black geometric shapes, the occasional natural curve
or coloured enhancement. Patterns not seen in generations (except in faded paintings and dusty daguerreotypes) stretch themselves around biceps, slide across pectorals and cleave to shoulder blades. A parade goes past each day . . . Maori, Iroquois, Huron, Ibo, Iniut, Aztec.
See it on Haight, Telegraph, in Sidney , Grenich, Venice , Soho, in Harlem, Paris , Watts .
Ritual scarification, branding, you name it: Body as art, the body a canvas, our rituals open to the public: No hidden treatises, no papal summit to decide what’s what: An endorphin baptismal . . . mark yourself with the mark of Cain, the mark of the believer, the mark of the unbeliever. Self‑mutilation, self‑love, self-glorification. All together and at once tribal affiliations are becoming necessary—we’re bound together in hate, in joy, in apathy, in nihilism, in love. The instincts are intact . . . our biological hearts are more than ticking: Pounding in time under the streetlights as we pass.
-Kalen Hughes

Kalen’s debut novel, LORD SIN, was a Romantic Times K.I.S.S. award winner as well as a 2008 nominee for their Reviewers’ Choice Awards. Her follow-up novel, LORD SCANDAL, is out June 1st.
Visit Kalen's website for book news and updates, and fascinating info on period costuming!
Anyone who posts here and is new to Kalen's work will be eligible to win a copy of Kalen's debut book, LORD SIN! Check back on May 30th to see if you've won!
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Contest Winners!!!!!!!!!
I'm announcing the winners of my May contest! The winners are:
acdaisy95 wins an ARC copy of my upcoming October release, FORBIDDEN FRUIT!
a crocodile with a snappy smile wins a copy of my e-book, BREAKING SKYE!
Winners, please contact me with your mailing/email info so I can send you your prizes! My email address is:
Congratulations-and thanks for visiting my blog!

And don't forget that the celebration of my May release, HOT NIGHTS, DARK DESIRES, containing my tattoo fetish novella, THE ART OF DESIRE, is still going on ,with fabulous guest bloggers talking about tattoos, books, and all sorts of interesting things! You can buy HOT NIGHTS, DARK DESIRES now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or the new Border's online!
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Friday, May 23, 2008
An Interview with Jaci Burton!

My guest blogger today is Jaci Burton! Jaci is a National Bestselling author of contemporary erotic romance and paranormal romance. She writes for four publishers, so her life is spent juggling deadlines and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Jaci is an award winning author of over 40 books, and has won the Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine’s Reviewer’s Choice Award as well as The Romance Studio’s Cupid and Psyche Awards. Jaci makes her home in Oklahoma with her husband Charlie and more dogs than she can count.

~Tell me about your writing journey. When did you begin to write? How long did it take you to publish?
My first endeavor at writing was early fanfiction way before fanfiction was born. My cousin and I used to write scripts together when we were twelve (which was a really, really, really long time ago) based on a popular tv show—a western. Very sexy romantic western, with comedy touches. We’d mail our scripts back and forth to each other (that’s how long ago it was—email hadn’t been invented yet!). I had always loved to write, but thought of it as a hobby.

I read my first romance when I was 17—Kathleen Woodiwiss’s The Flame and The Flower—and my love for romance was born. It wasn’t until many years later that I tried my hand at writing a book—a historical—but I had to put it aside as the demands of career and raising a family took precedence.

Seven years ago I met and married my current husband, and told him I had always wanted to write a book. He encouraged me to follow my dream, so I did. I started writing with an eye to publication in 2001, and in 2003 sold my first book to Ellora’s Cave. My writing career escalated after that first book and several years later sold to Bantam Dell, to Berkley and to Samhain Publishing.

~You write for multiple publishers-is it difficult to produce enough to keep them all happy? How much do you write each year?
It’s never difficult to produce enough. I’m constantly bombarded with stories in my head. I generally write about 4 single titles a year, and a novella or two.

~You also write in multiple genres. Do you find it difficult to switch gears from romance to erotic romance to your demon books?
Not at all. I love being able to switch from one genre to another. It cleanses the mental palate. If I’m worn out from writing a paranormal, I know my next book is an erotic contemporary, or a general romance, which will be completely different. Always something new and exciting awaiting me with the next book. My job is so much fun.

~As you know, this month I’m celebrating the release of my story, THE ART OF DESIRE, in the Bantam anthology, HOT NIGHTS, DARK DESIRES, with authors Stephanie Tyler and Sydney Croft. THE ART OF DESIRE is about a woman with a tattoo fetish. Tell me about your own tattoo experience-whatever you’d like to share.
I love tattoos! I think they’re beautiful expressions of body art. I got my first tattoo in my thirties and now I have four. I’d like to get one more, but I don’t know what I’ll get or where I’ll get it yet. My husband has two and he’s going to get one more also. I think it’s a beautiful way to express yourself.

~How do you think those of us who love body art are impacted by cultural perspectives?
I see more and more tattoos on people these days, young and old. Tattoos are embraced more now than ever before, as matter of fact as having your ears pierced. I haven’t really heard much negativity associated with tattoos. I suppose if your face is tattooed you might get some flak, but I think nowadays they’ve become an acceptable part of culture. Then again, that probably all depends on where you live and how extensively you’re tattooed.

~Are any of your characters tattooed? How do you think that sort of detail is important to creating a character?
I’ve had several characters tattooed, from genitalia (Bound To Trust) to wearing a symbol associated with their designation in a paranormal society (League of 7 Seas-Dolphin’s Playground and Paradise Discovery). I think a tattoo can say much about a character, who they are, how they think, their belonging within a culture, to how they function biologically.

~Do you model your heroes on real people or are they entirely constructs of your imagination?
I think to some extent my heroes are always an extension of my husband. There are characteristics of the things I love most about him in every hero I write. But every hero is a figment of my imagination.

~Tell me about your February release, RIDING WILD.
RIDING WILD is the first book in my new Wild Riders series from Berkley Heat, about sexy Harley riding bad boys who work undercover for the U.S. Government. Mac is one of the Wild Riders, and his job is to break into a museum and steal an artifact that hides a deadly virus before that artifact can be moved to the next museum and possibly into the hands of someone who wants the virus to sell to the highest bidder. Lily is a private investigator hired to check possibly lax museum security, and she catches Mac in the act of stealing the artifact, which slams her right in the middle of Mac’s undercover operation.

Mac and Lily have a history together. When Mac was young and in trouble, he and Lily fell in love. Since Lily was from a rich, prominent family, the last thing Mac wanted to do was drag her down the wrong road with him, so he dumped her. Lily doesn’t know what Mac did to straighten out his life, and he can’t tell her without revealing everything about the Wild Riders and the case he’s working on, so he and Lily go on an amazing trek together, filled with suspense, secrets, romance and fun, hot sex.

~What do you have coming out next? Will we see another Demon Hunter book soon?
I have several books releasing this year. NOTHING PERSONAL releases in print from Samhain in June. DARE TO LOVE releases in e-book from Samhain in July. RIDING TEMPTATION, the second Wild Riders book, releases from Berkley Heat in October. And yes, the third Demon Hunters book, THE DARKEST TOUCH, releases October 28th from Bantam Dell.

~The cover for your upcoming October release, RIDING TEMPTATION, is hot! Do you have any say over your covers with any of your publishers?
Thank you! I love the cover for RIDING TEMPTATION! Cover input varies by publisher. With Bantam Dell, I get no input at all. My editor works with the cover art department. Fortunately, Bantam does an incredible job with covers (as you well know) and I’ve loved every cover I’ve gotten from them. With Berkley, my editor and I talk about the cover and she asks me what my vision is. Berkley has given me awesome covers, too. With Samhain, we fill out a cover sheet outlining the hero and heroine and a summary from the book, but my editor actually handles my cover art because she’s great at knowing the best covers for my stories.

~You’ve been incredibly prolific, but it seems that all of us have those days where we doubt ourselves, where we get burned out, get blocked. How do you cope with those moments?
Ugh. Don’t we all have days like that? Sometimes I just need to step away, clear my head and take a day off. It usually helps. If I’m on deadline and I really need to do the work, I push through it and write, even if it’s awful. I know I can edit it later, but you can’t edit what isn’t there. Sometimes you just have to write, even if you don’t feel like it or you think what you’re writing is pure crap. It can always be fixed. But you can’t fix what you don’t write.

~What is your best piece of advice for aspiring writers?
Don’t ever give up on yourself, and always take your writing career seriously. If you don’t, no one else will.
Thank you Eden!


Be sure to visit Jaci on the web:
Or visit Jaci on her blog!
PS-I'm in the Berkley Heat EXCLUSIVE anthology with Jaci and Lisa Renee Jones! You can find it on Amazon!
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Thursday, May 22, 2008
Guest author Lillian Feisty!

Lillian Feisty is a San Francisco Bay Area native, a tattooed woman, a brilliant writer, an incredible creative force with an art degree to back her up, sexy, smart and funny as hell. She's also my best friend.

Her first novella was published in March 2007 and she’s been hard at work ever since. She is the president of Passionate Ink, a special interest chapter of Romance Writers of America, and is also a moderator for the award-winning website, Romance Divas . Ms. Feisty currently resides in Northern Nevada. When she’s not writing you might find her conducting "research" at brothels, staring out windows, or making Martinis. Her words, and the pure truth!

It's still tattoo month on my blog since I'm celebrating the release of my novella, THE ART OF DESIRE, in the Bantam anthology, HOT NIGHTS, DARK DESIRES. Let's see what the fabulous Ms. Feisty has to say about tattoos...

I’ve spent a lot of time in tattoo shops.

My fascination began when I was a teenager, and associated tattoos with rebellion. I was a bit of a rebel myself , back then, and I was always looking for ways to enhance my image as a dissenter.

Back then (late 80s), tattoos were somewhat rare. Most of the work I saw was on bikers and sailors (two groups of men I still find myself quite attracted to) and I loved the rough aspect of all the tattoos I saw. Faded birds and anchors, dragons and tigers. And flames. There were always flames. I loved them. Then, tattoos were a kind of secret handshake. I’m cool, see? I have this tattoo to prove it!

So, when I was seventeen, I went down to Pinkie’s in downtown San Jose. It was the summer. I picked a cross and had it permanently drawn onto my right shoulder. There was no waiver to sign, no assurance that the shop was clean. No one cared that I was underage. No one cared that I smelled like Bartles and James wine coolers. And so thirty minutes later I emerged with a fresh cross inked onto my skin.

I must have wiggled. The base of the cross came out crooked, a fact my best friend Robyn loved to point out over the years that followed. Even when I got that cross covered up she still made fun of me. Such is life. Even bad tattoos have a story.

Anyway, I continued to be obsessed with tattoos, especially traditional, old school designs. And so I covered up my cross with nothing less than a MOM tattoo. I mean, my mom died, so I thought it was an appropriate thing to do. Also, it was done buy a really hot guy, so the pain was not bad at all. (I have found that tattoo pain is much more pleasurable when the artist is a hot guy.)
So then, last year, I started with the flowers. I wanted to have roses on my back, like an entire vine of them. And birds. And twigs. So I went to Mary Joy Scott in San Francisco and it turns out she loves vintage flowers. She drew up this design and we were off. It took two sessions, of about four hours each. I absolutely loved the final product. Besides the roses, I have two swallows, a mama with twigs in her mouth, and a baby bird. And the clovers are for my Irish grandmother and my mother.

I loved the roses so much, I decided to continue them onto the front of my chest. I blogged on it HERE actually.

I also have a peony on my left ankle, and my most recent tattoo is morning glories on my right calf. I also wanted a bee because I just think they are cool. Sometimes that’s reason enough for a tattoo. J T o be honest, I have a lot more tattoos planned, and for no other reason than I just like the designs. Now, every time I sell a book, I’m getting a tattoo to celebrate it. I got the morning glories and the bee with my first advance from Grand Central Publishing.

Nowadays everyone is getting tattoos. Hell, my dentist, a woman who had no problem telling me on several occasions that she did not like tattoos, is now getting one. They are not the secret handshake they used to be. But that’s okay. Because as the popularity of tattoos has grown, so has the quality of work. In fact, nowadays, many tattoo artists are traditional artists in their own right. And so I see a lot less of those crudely drawn designs that were common just twenty years ago. And that’s a good thing because, for me, there is nothing better than checking out an amazing tattoo on someone else.

And if just happens to be on a biker or a sailor, so be it.


Lillian's Bio:

Lillian Feisty expected to write typical boy-meets-girl tales. But so often the girl wanted to be tied up by the boy, Lilli had to oblige. Her love of writing spicy romance evolved, and next thing she knew, she was published. Her first erotic novella was released in March 2007, and she’s been consistently pursuing her passion ever since. She is published in several genres of romantic fiction including contemporary, screwball comedy, and light paranormal.

Lilli was born in the San Francisco Bay Area. She spent the majority of her twenties working just enough to pay for extended trips to Europe. Some of her fascinating employment titles included makeup artist, secretary, and perpetual student. She owned an art gallery for several years, holds a degree in Creative Arts and was just a thesis short of her MA when she decided to drop out of school to write romance.

For more fascinating Feisty information go to

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Today is the day! My erotic anthology, HOT NIGHTS, DARK DESIRES, is out today!

Inspired by the sultry heat and sensual ambiance of New Orleans, this steamy collection by Eden Bradley, Stephanie Tyler and Sydney Croft delves into the erotic underground of the Big Easy. Here is a tantalizing trio of stories that will tease your imagination—and seduce your senses.
Lush, haunting, and provocative, New Orleans has something to satisfy every desire—as three very lucky women are about to discover. In “Shadow Play” an ex-supermodel desperate to revive her career seeks the help of a gorgeous, reclusive photographer with a special gift—and offers him anything he wants in return. The result is a series of erotic positions captured on film—along with a mind-blowing physical connection neither expected…. In “The Art of Desire” a sheltered young woman turned on by the idea of getting tattooed dares to make her fantasy a reality. But as her arousing sessions with a dangerously handsome tattoo artist move from the tattoo parlor to the bedroom, they make an impression that’s more than skin deep…. And in “Night Vision” when artist Catie Lanford hires professional cooler Bat Kelly to whip the failing bar she’s recently inherited into shape, she’s not looking for a lover—until she lays eyes on the sexy wild man. Soon they’ve agreed to mix business with pleasure, and Catie discovers that Bat is just what she needs to set her artist’s imagination—and her body—on fire. Abandon your inhibitions and excite your spirit with a gathering of tales that’s as sexy and spicy as the city of New Orleans itself.

My story in this anthology, THE ART OF DESIRE, was a joy to write! As some of you know, I’m completely fascinated by tattoos, and have a bit of my own body art. For me, tattoos are sexy, a little tough. And something I’ve been obsessed with since I was ten years old.

Growing up, my best friend and I both had older siblings, so we were introduced to rock music at an early age. By the age of ten, I was listening to bands like T-Rex, The New York Dolls, Alice Cooper, and crushing on a lot of these guys. Alice Cooper had a huge impact on me-I listened to the Billion Dollar Babies album daily for years and probably still know the lyrics to every song to this day. Most of his band members were tattooed, and I think that was part of what solidified in my mind as being cool and sexy, so I’ve had that connection between body art and sex in the back of my head for a long time.

I got my first tattoo the moment I turned eighteen, in 1980-a rather poorly done pegasus. I loved it at first-or, I loved being tattooed, anyway. But soon enough the novelty wore off and I knew I would have it covered someday, when I could afford it, and when I found a truly talented artist. This was a much harder task in those days. Tattoos weren’t as common as they are today, and you really only had two options: biker tattoos (which is what mine was) or the really fine Japanese work done by people who had often gone to Japan to study, and wouldn’t bother to touch anyone who wasn’t serious enough to dedicate an entire arm or back to it. So, I waited. A long time…

I had my second tattoo, a line of Kanji work (Chinese symbols) down the back of my neck only a year and a half ago. What it says is very personal (I think all tattoos should be meaningful!), but as a writer, the written word itself was also an important factor-and I think it’s beautiful.
Last October, while in San Francisco with two close writer friends, Lillian Feisty and Lacy Danes, we all got tattooed-a girl bonding experience. Feisty has several tattoos-some truly incredible work, which she’ll blog about here on the 22nd. Her artist is in San Francisco, a woman of incredible talent. I had one small cherry blossom done on my ankle. Cherry blossoms are a symbol of rebirth and renewal, and that’s what I feel my writing career is for me, so that tattoo has a deep meaning, as well.

I still needed that sad pegasus covered, and I knew this artist was the right one to do it. I went back to San Francisco in March, with Lillian Feisty and another friend, author Crystal Jordan. It was an almost magical experience for me. I was full of endorphins and really in a trance state the entire time-about 4 ½ hours. Other than a small bit at the bottom which covers the old image, the piece still needs to be colored in. I’m going back in August to have it finished, and I can’t wait!

So-that’s my tattoo story-so far, anyway. I love my body art! I love tattoos on men and women, and I think full sleeves on a man is especially sexy.

How do you feel about tattoos? Do you have any, and if not, would you ever get one done? Do you think they’re fine on men, but not on women, or does it depend on the person? Don't be afraid to say you hate them-I won't be offended! I know body art is not for everyone. But if you would get one, what would you want? I want to hear your thoughts!

I know-I rarely run a contest, but I’m doing it today! Anyone who posts here between today and midnight on the 25th will be eligible to win one of two prizes: One winner living in the continental US will win an ARC of my upcoming October novel, FORBIDDEN FRUIT! One winner from outside the US will win a copy of my e-book from Phaze, BREAKING SKYE! You can find more information about these, and all of my books, on my website:
Winners will be chosen on the 26th-be sure to let me know at the end of your post if you’re a US resident or not. I’ll announce the winners here on my blog on the 27th, when author Kalen Hughes will be my guest!

Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt from my tattoo novella, THE ART OF DESIRE:
**WARNING** erotic content ahead!!!!!!

They got on his motorcycle and she wrapped her arms around his waist, loving the heat of his body pressed against her breasts, between her thighs. She ached all over, her body hungry for him. She needed him to touch her. To tattoo her.
The ride back seemed to take forever. But finally they pulled up in front of Beneath the Skin. The sign was turned off, the shop closed. Tristan got off the bike, helped Sophie off. Even with his back to her as he unlocked the front door, she could feel the energy between them.
Inside, it was quiet and dark. Tristan stood at the doorway to the back room, held the curtain open for her. She moved past him, remembered the first time she’d done this same thing, breathed in his scent as she passed him, just as she’d done before. She felt an odd sense of isolation moving through the empty shop, a heavy sense of them being alone together. Her pulse was hot, racing.
Tristan turned on a light over his chair. “Come and sit down, Sophie.”
She did, watched as he sat on a swiveling stool and prepared his equipment. Just watching him move, hearing the buzz of the tattoo gun as he tested it, made her heart beat harder in her chest, make her legs go warm and weak.
Finally, he turned to her. “I have a feeling you know exactly what you want. Don’t you?”
Oh, if he had any idea...
His eyes on hers were dark, glittering. “Tell me.”
“Cherry blossoms. A scattering of them across my back, from my left shoulder, starting just under the Kanji symbol, then kind of blowing in an undulating curve, over to the right side, then down to the left hip. And I want you to do them mostly in black and white, but with a few touches of pink. Is that alright? To add some color?”
“I’ll do it however you want me to. But you’re sure? That you want to be tattooed again? That you want your body marked in this way?”
“Yes. I’m sure.”
Yes. Oh yes...
“I’m going to free-hand it, rather than using a transfer, alright?”
“Yes. I trust you. I know it’ll be beautiful.”
He nodded. “I’ll need you to take off your shirt. Probably your bra, too. Here’s a towel; you can hold it over the front of your body.”
She took the towel, even though she hardly cared about covering herself. Her system was still thrumming with need; being naked in front of him would be perfect.
Such a sinner. Your mother is right.
She would worry about that later. Feel the guilt, which she was almost coming to enjoy.
God, you really are a mess!
She pulled her shirt over her head. Tristan turned away as she unsnapped her bra and laid it on the counter, held the towel over her breasts.
“Turn sideways in the chair, as you did the first time. It works better than laying you flat on the table.”
She nodded, swung her legs to the side, resting the front of her body on the arm of the vinyl chair.
He began with some sort of marking pen, sketching onto her skin. It tickled a little. Not as good as the tattoo gun, but she closed her eyes, let herself sink into the sensation.
He finished quickly.
“I’ll add more as I go. Do you want to look at it in the mirror before I start?”
“No. Just do it.”
He started the tattoo gun, the buzzing of it trembling through her body: pleasure, anticipation.
When he touched the gun to her skin, the anticipation turned to liquid lust. Her sex went damp, her nipples came up hard against the arm of the chair, the rough towel abrading the sensitive flesh. She pulled in a deep breath, blew it out, trying to get herself under control.
The tracing of the needle, a humming on her skin as he began to work, made her quiver inside. She flexed her toes, trying hard not to move. And every touch of the needle went through her as though he had his hand between her thighs.
“Are you alright, Sophie? Not too much pain? Your breath is coming fast.”
“No. No pain at all.”
No pain, just pleasure. Exhilarating. Ecstasy.

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Friday, May 16, 2008
Truth & the Lotus with R.G. Alexander!

Truth and the Lotus
R.G. Alexander

For me, it was a spiritual thing. Both my tattoos are cover ups from scars of yesterday that I would rather forget. I felt strongly that my new body art should represent future and rebirth as opposed to simply hiding the past.

Spirituality and mythology have always been my passions, and so I knew immediately what my first cover up would be: the Pink Lotus. In Buddhism, the pink lotus is the supreme lotus of enlightenment, generally reserved for the Great Buddha himself. The pink lotus is also considered the national flower of India and strongly associated with the Goddess Lakshmi in her divine mother guise, offering prosperity to all her children. The Egyptians also imbued the flower with great spiritual power and affiliations.

The lotus grows up from the mud and through the water, the strength of its stem allowing it to ascend beyond the other water flowers. It is the soul and spirit within us, our divinity…our ability to overcome struggles and karma and reach for the stars.

I loved having it done. Though it was a large cover up, all I felt was joy and fascination as I watched the artist work on my left calf for nearly two hours. It was truly a spiritual experience.

The other cover up was much smaller. I’d found the Sanskrit symbol for sacred truth in the dictionary my sister had given me for Christmas. So I had that symbol placed on my right shoulder blade. Enlightenment and sacred truth sounded like pretty good life goals to me, and the perfect weapons to take with me on the beginning of a new journey…a new life.

As an important side note-I would like to add that my obsession with mythology will be fed today and all weekend over at Romance Divas, where we are having a free for all workshop on Mythology in Romance. P.C. Cast, Gena Showalter, and a whole host of others will be there, answering questions and allowing me to be the fan girl I am. Come check it out!

About R.G. Alexander

Stolen away by a free spirited Gypsy as a child, (though she still swears she’s my mother) I spent my childhood roaming the countryside, meeting fascinating characters and having amazing adventures. As the perpetual “new kid”, my friends more often than not were found between the pages of a book…and in my own imagination. I read everything I could get my hands on. At the age of 11 I read my first romance, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Throughout all of my varied careers I would sigh as I read one fantasy-filled story after another saying, “Someday I want to write one of those”. Until one day my husband said, “So do it”. And I did. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Upcoming releases:

Who Needs Another Superhero? releases from Ellora’s Cave in June 2008

The sequel to Who Wants to Date a Superhero? Available now at Ellora's Cave!

Return to Gaia City.

Where there are way too many Superheroes for Dayna’s piece of mind.

Growing up as the unofficial mascot for Gaia’s Guardians and sibling of the powerful Theta Wave hasn’t been easy. So maybe she overcompensates. Takes risks she shouldn’t. You try going through puberty in front of super men with super hot, totally unattainable bods. It’s enough to give a girl a complex.

Stone Matthews was an introverted geophysicist, until the day he wandered into the burial chamber of an ancient and powerful ruler and became...Rock Hammer.

Sure, now he’s an invincible chick magnet, but he still has no idea how to deal with women. Especially Dayna. The tasty little reporter has always pushed his buttons, but he held her at arms length. She’s Theta’s little sister after all.

With Triad still missing, Theta on his honeymoon and the lair in disarray, there is no one around but Rock to save the day when Dayna goes chasing after The Pearl of Isis and a story that could be the death of her. And when he gets his hands on her, all bets are off.

Lux in Shadow releases from Samhain Publishing this August 19, 2008

Children of the Goddess, Book 2

Because of his own carelessness, Lux Sariel lost his lover at the hands of the shaman Gray Wolf, and put his Trueblood family in grave danger. Now he’s been sent on a mission to find and protect his mortal enemy’s sister. His companion is Arygon, a sexy Alpha who doesn’t know how to take no for an answer.

When the two find Sylvain, a sheltered and innocent beauty with power beyond imagining, passions ignite—and suddenly none of them are certain of the future.

No one but the Goddess.

She has a plan that will change everything for Her children, Were and Vampire alike. A challenge that will fulfill the promise of what this unusual threesome have found together…or destroy them all.

Piercing the Veil coming soon to Ellora’s Cave, yummy cover and all. The sequel to Lifting the Veil, available now at Ellora's cave!

Temptation Unveiled, Book 2

Twins Hawk and Val are Fianna warriors under the vengeful curse of a scorned goddess. Following the prophecy in the Book of Veils, they search for the one who can help them retrieve the Claiomh Solais before their enemies get the chance. Their quest leads them to Linnea. One touch and there can be no doubt that they have found their match. But will she accept them once she knows the truth?

Linnea is no one special. So why is she on the run from evil faeries and her egotistical ex? Why is she suddenly spending time in the company of dragons, druids, and one kinky Viking with a split personality? All she knows is she has to keep her daughter safe from those who hunt her, and her heart safe from another betrayal.

To protect one gifted child and all of humanity from the dark god that seeks retribution, they must learn to trust each other. To have a future together, they must find the perfect balance.

Also available now from Samhain Publishing: Regina in the Sun.
Children of the Goddess: Book One

There’s only one place left to run-into forbidden arms.

Children of the Goddess Book One

When she arrives at Ye Olde Haven Pub, the sanctuary for Trueblood Vampires, Regina is wounded and desperate. Her only thought is to save the Deva Clan, her family, from the dangerous Loups De L’Ombre, the Shadow Wolves. She knows she will not exactly be welcomed with open arms. She is, after all, an Unborn, the lowest caste of Vampire.

As a natural born from the purest line, Zander Sariel knows the rules are sacrosanct-a Trueblood mates with his own kind. But one taste of the young Unborn is all Zander needs to know that rules were made to be broken.

With enemies at every turn, Zander risks everything to save Regina from the monster that hunts her, his own kind’s ignorance and-if he must-her lack of faith in her own unique abilities.

Only together do they have a chance to defeat the shadow that haunts their future, and save their entire race from extinction.

Visit her website!
Or her blog, The Willow's Knot, for news and updates!
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Sunday, May 11, 2008
Stephanie Tyler, Larissa Ione & SydneyCroft, oh my!
Today's guest authors are my anthology-mates, Stephanie Tyler and Larissa Ione, who together make up the amazing writing team of Sydney Croft! Our erotic anthology, HOT NIGHTS, DARK DESIRES, (out on May 20th!!!), contains one story by me-THE ART OF DESIRE- and one each by Stephanie-NIGHT VISION and Sydney-SHADOW PLAY. Each of these stories takes place in the sultry south, in and around New Orleans.

In keeping with the tattoo theme to celebrate my tattoo fetish novella, THE ART OF DESIRE, in our May release, HOT NIGHTS, DARK DESIRES, Steph and Larissa are here to talk about their own tattoos and their tattooed characters.

First of all, I want to thank Eden for inviting us to blog with her this week! I feel very fortunate to be sharing an anthology with her, and let me tell you, you’re going to LOVE her contribution! What a unique idea, to build a story around tattoos.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated by them. My earliest memory of a tattooed man goes back to my grandpa, who had a tat on his left biceps – time had caused it to fade, but it still captured my attention, and because of him, I’ve always seen skin art as something uniquely individual, and in no way “wrong.”

So when I grew up, I knew I had to have my own. Turns out, I’m a big wuss, so my tattoo, a Star Trek symbol (the Vulcan IDIC,) is only an outline on the inside of my hip, but still, it’s mine. And I love it.

But because I’m a big wuss and can’t seem to either have the tattoo filled in or get a new one, I live through my characters…who often have tattoos or some sort of dermal glyphs of their own. Still, I’m determined to get one more tattoo, something I swore I’d do when I sold my first single-title book – which I did. Turns out, the book, PLEASURE UNBOUND, has been branded with a symbol unique to the Demonica series…which is set in and around an underworld hospital.

See, I had a caduceus (the familiar winged medical staff encircled by serpents,) designed, one that would work for a hospital staffed by demons, vampires, and werewolves. The really great thing about the caduceus is that the design is perfect for a tattoo. In fact, I’ve had requests for the design from people who want to have it tattooed on their bodies.  I’ve asked them to send pictures when they do it, so hopefully I’ll post them on my website soon.

So I think I might get over my wussiness to have the demon caduceus tattooed somewhere. My ankle, maybe, or my shoulder. I just need to get up the nerve!


I’ve had my first tattoo a long time – like, hide it from your parents, long. I got it at a random tattoo shop by a 300lb biker named Tiny who was eating orange Hostess snowballs and calling them nutritious.

I probably should’ve run, but I wanted the tattoo. It’s a small dolphin and it’s sort of on my upper left ass cheek. Or right – I can’t remember, mainly because I can’t see it.

But I always wanted more and kind of put it off – and so I told myself that I’d get them after I sold my first book. I did that in February 2006 but it took me until September 2007 to decide what I wanted. My neighbor and friend (she’s 22 now but I taught her when she was in 6th grade) took me to the place she’d been going to. So no, I didn’t corrupt her – she already had like 4 tattoos by that point. Ones her mom didn’t know about. She does now, however and I pretended to be shocked.

So I wanted two – one on my ankle and one on the back of my neck. I got them both done on the same day (high pain tolerance here) – it took most of the afternoon once I decided on placement and colors. My ankle is three stars and my neck is a nautical star, for protection and guidance. It’s a symbol of what I write as well as for my grandfather, who was a sailor and had several tattoos.

And in the middle of the ankle one, the tattoo artist mentions that his name is Cash. Cash!!! Like the hero of my 2nd Blaze. It was fate!

Did I mention that I’m allergic to bacitracin? Well, I am. Didn’t know it at the time, until after my ankle tat got infected. Thank GOD my neck was fine, because my mom was already all, it’s so close to your brain. And god knows, I can’t afford to lose more brain cells.

The ankle eventually healed, but most of the blue ink from inside the stars is gone – they look sort of tie-dyed now. So I’m planning to go back and get them fixed. While I’m on antibiotics and NOT using bacitracin.

And while I’m there, I’ll probably get another – either wrist or back.

I’ve had people say to me, what’s going to happen when you’re a grandmother and your grandchildren are like, look at that thing on your neck – what will you say?

I tell them, I’ll be like, hell yeah, I had FUN! So no, no regrets, even with the infection. I like to look at them as snapshots of a certain time in my life – things I’ve accomplished – where I’ve been and where I’m going.

Larissa, Stephanie, and Sydney Croft’s Tattooed Characters:

Stephanie says: In the NIGHT VISION novella, my hero, Bat, has a tattoo – as a former Marine sniper, he’s got ink that symbolizes that part of his life. In my first Blaze, COMING UNDONE, the hero’s brother was all tatted up and pierced too.

Oh, and then there’s Creed, from the Sydney books! He’s tatted over one whole half of his body, head to toe. Plus he’s got come interesting piercings too.

Larissa says: Mmm…Creed. *wipes the drool* And when Steph says he’s tatted over half his body, she means it. Half of everything. *drools some more*

Also, from the Sydney Croft books is Haley Holmes, from RIDING THE STORM. She’s got a tattoo in the same place I have, and her tattoo is the one I would have gotten if I hadn’t gotten the Star Trek tattoo. In the books, she’s an Air Force meteorologist, and on a drunken dare while in the military, she got a tattoo of a hand holding bolts of lightning. Her tattoo plays a role in the books, but I can’t tell you how! *g*
In my Demonica series, several characters are tattooed. All three heroes in the first three books have tattoos that run from the tips of their right fingers to their necks…a history of their paternity, and something they are born with. They each have their own individual symbol at the very top, on their throat. The male torso and arm built into my website design looks very much like those heroes.

One of the subplot characters, Gem, also sports several tattoos. Some, like the rings around her wrists, ankles, and neck, are ensorcelled, meant to contain her demon half. But the others, a dragon on her stomach and a long-stemmed rose on her leg, are there just because she enjoys tattoos. And piercings. Lots and lots of piercings…
Stephanie says: So there you have it…there’s just something very alluring about tattoos (and piercings too, although I don’t see any of those in my future.) - I can definitely see why Eden had so much fun writing her novella about a tattoo fetish. What about you? Do you like tattooed and pierced characters, even if you don’t like them / want them in real life?

Larissa’s bio and blurb:

Larissa Ione, an Air Force veteran, has been a meteorologist, EMT, and professional dog trainer, often all at the same time. Yet she never gave up on writing fiction, and is lucky enough to now write full time, which is a blessing given her husband’s military career.
She lives a nomadic lifestyle with her U.S. Coast Guard husband and son, though she considers the Pacific Northwest to be home. An animal lover to an extreme, she adopts any kind of animal she finds, and has been known to nurse back to health anything from mice to baby owls. She currently stays busy writing for Red Sage, Samhain, and Grand Central Publishing under her own name, and for Bantam Dell as Sydney Croft, with writing partner Stephanie Tyler.

Larissa’s newest release is PLEASURE UNBOUND, out on June 24th:

Someone is killing demons–someone other than the Aegis demon slayers, anyway. Now Eidolon, a doctor at Underworld General as well as a demon whose instincts to mate are growing stronger, must pair up with a sexy Aegis Guardian named Tayla Mancuso to learn the truth behind the killings. But Tayla has her own agenda. Her assignment is to find a way to destroy Underworld General. When she falls for Eidolon, who has shown her erotic pleasures she’d never dreamed of, she must face the horrors of her past and choose between becoming one of the very creatures she’s hunted–or death.

Stephanie’s bio and blurb:

Stephanie Tyler has long since given up trying to control her characters, especially the Navy SEAL alpha males, and today she writes military romance for both Harlequin Blaze and Bantam Dell. And, because she loves being busy, she also writes paranormal erotic romance with a military twist for Bantam Dell with co-author Larissa Ione under the pen-name Sydney Croft. Stephanie lives in New York with her husband, her daughter, a weimaraner and her blog.

Stephanie’s newest release is the novella, NIGHT VISION and Sydney’s is SHADOW PLAY, both from the HOT NIGHTS, DARK DESIRES anthology, along with Eden’s novella!

Inspired by the sultry heat and sensual ambiance of New Orleans , this steamy collection delves into the erotic underground of the Big Easy. Here is a tantalizing trio of stories by three rising stars that will tease your imagination—and seduce your senses.

Lush, haunting, and provocative, New Orleans has something to satisfy every desire—as three very lucky women are about to discover.

In “Shadow Play” (by Sydney Croft) an ex-supermodel desperate to revive her career seeks the help of a gorgeous, reclusive photographer with a special gift—and offers him anything he wants in return. The result is a series of erotic positions captured on film—along with a mind-blowing physical connection neither expected….

In “The Art of Desire” (by Eden Bradley) a sheltered young woman turned on by the idea of getting tattooed dares to make her fantasy a reality. But as her arousing sessions with a dangerously handsome tattoo artist move from the tattoo parlor to the bedroom, they make an impression that’s more than skin deep….

And in “Night Vision” (by Stephanie Tyler) when artist Catie Lanford hires professional cooler Bat Kelly to whip the failing bar she’s recently inherited into shape, she’s not looking for a lover—until she lays eyes on the sexy wild man. Soon they’ve agreed to mix business with pleasure, and Catie discovers that Bat is just what she needs to set her artist’s imagination—and her body—on fire.

Abandon your inhibitions and excite your spirit with a gathering of tales that’s as sexy and spicy as the city of New Orleans itself.

***Look for Stephanie's newest Blaze release, BEYOND HIS CONTROL.
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Thursday, May 08, 2008
Guest blogger Crystal Jordan!
My tattoo fetish novella, THE ART OF DESIRE, is coming out May 20th! This story is part of the HOT NIGHTS, DARK DESIRES erotic anthology, with authors Stephanie Tyler and Sydney Croft. In honor of my book release I am dedicating the month of May to tattoos! I have a number of fabulous guest authors this month, including Stephanie Tyler and Larissa Ione (together they're the writing team of Sydney Croft), R.G. Alexander, Lillian Feisty, Jaci Burton, Kalen Hughes and Adriana Kraft! A new post or interview will go up every few days throughout the month, so check back!
We start the month with Kensington Aphrodisia and Samhain author Crystal Jordan.

Masochistic Memories and Contract Dreams...

Dallas, Texas

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This is the story of how I sold to New York. And then got my first tattoo.

I arrived in Dallas late Monday for an early Tuesday tourist day before the Romance Writers of America conference began on Wednesday. I slept in Tuesday morning and was woken by a call from Eden (my naughty goddess) and we discussed what we'd be doing for the day.

A call beeped in, but it wasn't a number I recognized. I considered not answering because, well, I was talking to my friend and who knew if it was some ass-clown telemarketer trying to sell me something while I was on vacation. Then I realized it could have been one of my fellow Romance Divas, all of whom got my cell phone number and a "Call me when your flight arrives!" One of them could have been wandering around the lobby alone. (Author's note: if the 212 area code pops up on ye olde caller ID, it's time to spiral into gleeful hysteria).

I told Eden I'd be right back and clicked over.

"Hi, this is John Scognamiglio of Kensington Publishing..." My first thought was that's not how I said his name in my head. Mild buzzing in ears. "I'd like to offer for your story..." More buzzing. He wanted to buy my polar bear shape-shifter story that I sent in ON A LARK AND THOUGHT GOT LOST IN THE MAIL.

At this point it had been about 10 minutes. WHY Eden stayed on hold that long, I'll never know, but I clicked back over to her and started screaming and jumping up and down on the hotel bed. (I apologize to the Hyatt Hotel...I don't think I did any real damage to the mattress.) Eden cried and I called everyone who's ever met me while trying to shower and do my hair so I could run downstairs to Eden and Lillian Feisty's room to get a proper scream-fest and hug-a-thon going on. I'm lucky it wasn't the day I sold to New York and then got electrocuted in the shower by my cell phone.

Anyway. I told you that story so I could tell you this story. (I hope I'm not the only one who knows where that line comes from--what can I say? I have plebian tastes in comedy, and shamelessly so.)

That day, Melissa Francis, a wicked-funny young adult writer we know, decided to take a jaunt down to Deep Ellum (an artsy district of Dallas) to visit a tattoo and piercing parlor to get her nose pierced. And as with any chick-gathering, fifteen people have to go to witness the event. I mean, have you seen us go to the bathroom? We must bring the herd with us! While there, I mentioned that I'd always wanted a ladybug tattoo on my foot. Just a little one. Teeny, in fact.

And here's what you get when you tell a bunch of tattoo junkies that you want to get inked WHILE IN A TATTOO PARLOR.

A slew of authors proclaimed that on this auspicious occasion of my first New York book sale, I must commemorate it by allowing someone to stab me with needles. And, what's more, there was no way I could get out of it, because they were all going to chip in and pay for it.

Oh. Holy. Jesus.

No wimping out now.

So, a stunned tattoo artist had me sit in his little booth and then got overrun by a herd of women, all armed to the teeth with cameras to record The Tattoo Deflowering of Crystal Jordan. I don't think he could have been happier when he was informed that we're all erotica authors--and he immediately asked to be featured in our books. He transferred the artwork on to my foot with some kind of tissue paper, and my posse weighed in on placement and color options. R.G. Alexander and Lia Morgan, the resident nurses of our little group, took up their posts on either side of my chair to squeeze my hands. (Later pictures revealed I looked rather like a cow in labor with my two helpers)

Feisty and Eden, especially, were absolutely giddy at this point. They were practically dancing in the booth with a secondhand high off my tattooing. The rush of endorphins, they said, would be amazingly awesome and totally counteract the pain.

I have to say, I was more nervous about the artist hitting a nerve and the ink streaking up my ankle in an irremovable line. I had a friend that this happened to. When he started the tattooing-thingy (that's a technical term) and it began vibrating wildly in his hand, I was absolutely sure this was a bad idea. How was he going to draw within the lines of my tiny ladybug with that thing shaking all over the place?

Then the pain hit.

I think I squeezed R.G. and Lia's hands so tight I might have broken their fingers. Thankfully, they kept the screams of agony in so as not to startle the tattoo artist and give me one of those aforementioned indelible lines. All I could think was, "Is it over yet? Is it over yet? Where's my freakin' endorphins? IS IT OVER YET??" I don't remember what I might have said during the fifteen minutes it took him to ink me, but I imagine there was a profuse amount of profanity. My potty mouth is a force to be reckoned even when I'm NOT in considerable pain. And at that point, oh, I SO was.

I have to say, the endorphin rush thing never happened for me. That little ladybug hurt and continued to hurt for several hours after it was over.

It was only when he was DONE that the artist mentioned the foot was one of the most painful places to get tattooed, but he hadn't wanted to scare me beforehand. Gee, thanks, buddy. He's just lucky I don't remember his name, or the only role he'd play in my book was to get tortured to death. Slowly.

I do have several characters in my current and upcoming books with tattoos, so it's good to know what it feels like, including the burn of anticipation just before the needle touches your skin, and the way the buzz feels as if it vibrates through your whole body. And the pain. That, I won't forget soon. Or ever.

However, when all is said and done, I wouldn't go back to change a thing. I love my little ladybug (and I'm thinking of expanding the piece to include some flowers for my bug to stand on and one of my favorite Anne Bronte quotes). It was great to have my girls with me even if they DID harass me for being a wimp.

Writerly Bio:

Crystal Jordan began writing romance after she finished graduate school and needed something to fill the hours that used to be eaten away by homework. She is originally from California, but has lived and worked all over the United States. Currently, she serves as a librarian at a large research university in the Rocky Mountains and writes paranormal, futuristic, and erotic romance.

Upcoming Releases:

"In Ice" in SEXY BEAST V releases from Kensington Aphrodisia in September 2008

When Jain Roberts' ship crashes on a distant, futuristic planet, she's rescued by Kesuk, the lusty clan leader of the Arctic Bears. This magnificent creature with white-blond hair and a potent masculinity haunts her dreams--dreams he intends to make deliciously real, as he draws her into a realm of complete sexual abandon.

TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART releases from Samhain Publishing in October 2008

This story kicks off my "In the Heat of the Night" series!

When Lena walks into the Eclipse bar, she turns Rachel's world inside out. She's a werewolf who scents her mate, and nothing will stop her from claiming what's hers.

Rachel has always assumed that when she mated with Jerrod she'd never know another lover, despite her longing for both men and women. No werewolf would be unfaithful. Ever. She's terrified of how the man she loves will react when he finds out the instincts that drew her to him five years ago now pull her to another woman.

What's a werewolf to do when she finds her soulmate twice? It's a total eclipse of the heart.
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Monday, May 05, 2008
May is Tattoo Month!

Yes, it's springtime-the flowers are blooming, love is in the air, and I am dedicating this entire month to tattoos in honor of my novella, THE ART OF DESIRE, in the upcoming anthology, HOT NIGHTS, DARK DESIRES, out from Bantam on May 20th! Keep your eyes open for weekly guest bloggers talking about their own tattoos, about writing tattooed characters, cultural impact on body art, and more! I'll also have a week dedicated to my own body art, my philosophy about tattoos, and sneak peeks at THE ART OF DESIRE!
Be sure to check in with my anthology-mates, authors Stephanie Tyler and Sydney Croft, for a look at their stories in this book!
Stay tuned for a month of hot tattoos and hotter fiction, with some of the masters of erotica and romance!
I'm always interested in what others think of body art. Does it fascinate you? Repulse you? Do you like it on men but not on women? If you don't have a tattoo but think you might some day, what would you get? And isn't Ami on Miami Ink hot? Tell me everything!
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