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Thursday, December 29, 2005
HEAT WAVE is a prize!
Well, I've always thought so , and now it really is!
Fellow erotic romance author from Phaze, Calista Fox, is running her 'Baby It's Cold Outside' contest and my short erotica novella, HEAT WAVE is the prize! Well, one of them. She'll also be giving away a nice basket with gourmet cocoa, aromatherapy candles and a sexy DVD (that one is a surprise!), plus some other goodies, including a copy of erotic novella 'The Invitation' by Ava McKnight. Take a look at Calista's website to enter:
Lots of other fun stuff there, too, and she runs contests all the time! The deadline for this one is January 10th, so go enter now!

In my writing news, I have completed 'Winter Soulstice' (all except for final edits & polishing) and I'm three chapters into my BDSM novel, 'The Lair', which is going really well! I need to stop there and write the synopsis, then write the forst three chapters & synopsis on 'Love & Discipline'. I intend to package both stories with my already completed manuscript, 'The Bonds of Love' and submit them as a three-book anthology. This project is very exciting for me (aside from the usual reasons) because it'll be my first anthology, and I always love to write kink!
Gotta mention again, my steamy romance novel, Cherokee Cowboy, is available now at
Some VERY hot love scenes, a gorgeous half-Cherokee cowboy and a beautiful mountain setting-what more could you ask for?
Hope you all had a very happy holiday. Stay safe and have fun on New Years'!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Winter Soulstice is done!
Happy Solstice!
Since today is December 21st, I had to finsh 'Winter Soulstice' today! I just got to The End. What a wonderful feeling! I still need to edit and polish it, but that's always a lot easier for me than writing it. In fact, given enough free time, I would edit myself to death! Once I pick it up, I find it nearly impossible to put down that proverbial little red pen. It's probably a good thing that I'm so anxious to get on to writing 'The Lair'. It's been in my head a lot the last few days. I'm going to make some changes as I rewrite the beginning. My two main characters, Cassandra and Marcus, are becoming more three-dimensional all the time. This one is going to be a very sexy, emotional story! A real journey of growth for both characters. I can hardly wait!
Meanwhile, my steamy romance novel is for sale at
And my erotic novella, Heat Wave, is still available at as part of their Summer Heat Sheet Sparkler series.
Happy reading!
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Friday, December 16, 2005
Cherokee Cowboy released today!
My steamy contemporary romance novel, Cherokee Cowboy, was just released! You can find it here:

I'm so excited! I started writing this book more than two years ago, so it was a long process, and at one point I thought I'd have to retire this manuscript to a drawer, so it's pretty thrilling to finally see it in print.
Of course, in going over the proof recently I could see how much I've learned since writing this book, but there are definitely moments I can be proud of. I still love the story, and am totally in love with my hero, Colton 'Redhawk' Hunter.
This book coming out reminds me that I may want to write something other than erotica again some day, but for now I am focused on erotic romance. I am so close to finishing 'Winter Soulstice', it's almost silly that it's not done, but I will get to it this weekend. In between Christmas shopping, getting the rest of my holiday cards out, all that stuff. Such a busy time of year!
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Friday, December 09, 2005
Have you been naughty or nice...?
Naughty, I hope! It's so much more fun!
Speaking of naughty, my paranormal erotic short, 'Winter Soulstice' is only pages away from being done! I should finish it tomorrow. Then, of course, I have to polish it until it shines!
After that it's back to the really wicked stuff, namely, 'The Lair', and another new BDSM story 'Love & Discipline'. This one will be more D/s than S/M-unusual for me! I'm thinking of putting those two together with The Bonds of Love as an anthology-they may all be easier to sell that way. Wish me luck!
Hope you've all stareted your holiday shopping-the holidays are upon us! Why is it I always find that perfect pair of shoes for myself this time of year? Today I saw these adorable black suede Marc Jacobs clogs with these little silver buckles and fur trim for only $79.00! I resisted-for now. I may have to go back tomorrow and get them. Hmmm...maybe a present to myself?

PS-my steamy romance, 'Cherokee Cowboy' is almost ready for release! You can check out the cover at and click on the scheduled releases.
And my Heat Sheet Sparkler, 'HeatWave' is still available at
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Thursday, December 01, 2005
Winter Soulstice is coming along...
...and so is my heroine! Whew! Just got done writing 7 pages, and wrote the first sex scene. My hero, Reece, sure knows how to treat a woman! I'm half in love with him already. Of course, that's a required part of writing, for me. I figure if I don't fall in love with my hero, how will a reader? And that's we want, as writers, isn't it?
Anyway, this book is finally coming together for me, after much struggle. I loved the premise immediately, but I was having a hard time getting to know my heroine, and until I did that, the story couldn't go anywhere. Thanks to the Tuesday night Divas brainstroming group for their help! It was CC and Sela who each said something that set off little epiphanies in my brain, and it's all coming together now. Want a little peek?
'Winter Soulstice' is a story about soulmates. Destiny Walker is a sensible woman with a successful psychology practice. She thinks of herself as realistic, practical about everything except for indulging her shoe fetish, so when a psychic tells her she's about to meet her soul mate she thinks it's ridiculous. But when she meets Reece Kellan, a Superman look-alike with an Irish accent, she begins to realize that the old woman may have known what she was talking about. Especially when she gets these odd flashes whenever Reece touches her, as though she can see through his eyes, feel everything he feels...
Okay-that's enough for now. Stay tuned for more!
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