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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Art Day: Rodin
Auguste Rodin, 1840-1917, one of the greatest sculptors who ever lived, and my personal favorite. Above is 'The Kiss', probably his most well-known piece. Rodin was famous for his romantic and erotic sculpture, as well as for his attention to detail. His sculptures are powerful, often graceful, sometimes purposely awkward, but there is always something of beauty to be found in his work. He dedicated his life to the study of the human form, which he believed portrayed every emotion, and he used the vehicle of the human form beautifully. Take a close look at the facial expressions, the positioning of body, of hands. Rodin understood the complexities of the human form, he understood how emotions are carried into posture, into every nuance and gesture. And no one portrays emotion the way he does.

But his work was not entirely about beauty. He explored every aspect of humanity in his work, from the lovely to the grotesque. But, being who I am, we're going to focus today on some of his more sensual pieces.

Above we have an example of his erotic work. I know this piece as 'Fugit Amor'. These two figures are oddly positioned, yet it still retains a distinct aura of sensuality. It's in the sinuous lines, in that sense of yearning. To me, this piece says the woman wants him, yet is turning away, and he is desperate to have her. It is erotic, yet a little sad to me at the same time. And I love that Rodin can make us feel these things.
'Orpheus and Eurydice', a classic tale spoken in stone. I wish I'd been able to find a better image. There is incredible emotion in their faces. Amazing that anyone can manage to pull so much from a piece of stone. I also love the pure beauty of this piece-it's simply a pleasure to look at.

Rodin believed that everything takes place from our hands. They are a symbol of creativity-crucial to an artist. Notice the detail, the softness of the stone. Amazing!
Rodin was a tortured soul, as so many artists are. I have always been particularly fasciated by his affair with Camille Claudel. Camille was a dark beauty, an accomplished sculptor herself, and she was madly in love with Rodin. Mad was, unfortunately, the key word here, and she died in an asylum. Her work is quite brilliant, and well worth a look. Perhaps I'll discuss her another day.
Meanwhile, there is a rather good film about their affair, titled Camille Claudel, made in 1988. Some great drama and a passionate romance for all you writers out there!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Silence and other interesting bits and pieces
I just sold a short story, SILENCE, to Magic Carpet Books for an erotic anthology to be edited by one of my hero authors, Maria Isabel Pita! The BEYOND DESIRE anthology will be released in September-you should be able to find it at your local Barnes & Noble store, or to order it online. I'll have a cover image to post here soon!
I'm so excited to participate in this anthology. SILENCE is an erotic ghost story, something very different for me, since I very rarely write paranormal, but when Maria invited me, I wasn't going to say no! I love her work. If you haven't read her erotica, you really must. She's a wonderful writer. Her stories are raw and full of passion for language and sex and for the moment, yet they are sensual at the same time, which takes real talent.
More about this anthology, and my story in it, closer to the release date!
Meanwhile, I'm working on EXOTICA for Bantam, my two-part erotic story set in a luxurious sex resort for women in Palm Springs. I'm sort of almost nearly done-another 50 or 60 pages should do it. Then I'll spend a few weeks editing and polishing. I'm hoping to finish it before I leave for the Romantic Times convention. For any of you going to RT, you'll find me at Club RT on Thursday from 11-12, with a bunch of other authors from Romance Divas, including Tawny Taylor, Jenna Black, Jax Cassidy/Cassidy Kent, Amelia June, and Lacy Danes. Other Diva authors will be at Club RT at various times, so please come by and visit us all!
I'll also be hanging out with the Phaze authors at RT, and of course I'll be at all the costume parties-should be fun!
I should be writing today, but there are always distractions. Today's main distraction is author Natasha Mostert's website! I've just started reading her book, Season of the Witch-really fascinating stuff, and I don't want to say much more because exploring her website is such an amazing experience. She has a memory game on her site that you must see. Even if you don't really want to play, the artwork is incredible. I've been following the process as her webmaster uploaded bits of the game, and it's finaly finished and able to play. Give it a try:
click to enter, then click on 'Game On'. It's very challenging, especially for someone like me-I have a terrible memory these days!
Okay-off to try and get this book finished!
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Thursday, April 05, 2007
My poor neglected blog-my poor neglected wip
I know, I know-I'm way behind! I'm on a very tight deadline, and instead of writing I seem to be doing...well, all sorts of other stuff. This close to deadline I should be ignoring dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, yet I spent today doing all of those things, and even managed to buy a pair of shoes along the way. Okay, so that's not surprising to those who know me and are familiar with my shoe obsession-which admittedly has gotten totally out of hand recently. But I need to write! I have 25,000 words to go on my wip between now and May 1st. I'll be out of town for a week during that time, and the book needs to be not only written, but edited and polished, so I can start the next one, which I only have 8 weeks to complete.
Why do I do this to myself, you may ask? I have no idea. Please tell me I'm not the only one who is so thoroughly undisciplined! I have never turned a book in late, yet I always get down to this panicked crunch time, and somehow I manage to make it worse for myself. Maybe I have a self-destructive streak? Maybe it's just that we creative folks are intrinsicly irresponsible? Or maybe I'm looking for (hoping for!) some excuse.
Now it's late at night, I'm exhausted, and there is no way I'll get any writing done tonight.
Tomorrow is another day, though, right? Let's hope I make good use of it!
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