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Tuesday, August 03, 2010
It's All About the Vampires!
This is a very exciting day and it's all about vampires! Today, R.G. Alexander's POSSESS ME is out! This is a steamy, sultry, magical book with three linked stories set in New Orleans-and because it's an R.G. Alexander book, you know it'll be sizzling hot! But these stories are also gorgeously romantic. If you want to simultaneously have your heart and your panties melted, this one is a must read! Buy it now at Amazon (where you'll find it in print or on Kindle), Barnes & Noble or Borders online, or at your local bookstore! And R.G. is running a contest to celebrate on the Smutketeers blog, with some awesome prizes, so be sure to stop by!

Also from R.G. Alexander today is the print edition of MIDNIGHT FALLS from Samhain Publishing! This is the fourth book in her enormously popular Children of the Goddess series. The other books in the sereies, REGINA IN THE SUN, TWILIGHT GUARDIAN and LUX IN SHADOW are all available now, in print or e-book format. This is a gorgeously written and compelling vampire series written in her usual lush, sensual style-if you love vampires-and I do-you'll adore this series!

Today is also release day for the exciting first book in
Kate Pearce's long-awaited Tudor Vampire Chronicles, KISS OF THE ROSE! King Henry the VIII and vampires-what a combination! Sexy and thrilling, the perfect paranormal romance set in a fascinating era! Buy KISS OF THE ROSE at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders online, or at your local bookstores now!

If anyone is looking for me, I'm mostly over at Smutketeers, my group blog with authors R.G. Alexander, Crystal Jordan and Lilli Feisty. There's always something exciting happening over there, so come by and visit! We have some awesome guest authors scheduled, contests and give aways and other fun stuff, including the reveal of our most recent steampunk photo shoot coming soon! You can also find me on the Smutketeers Yahoo loop where we chat with our readers every day. Feel free to join! All for Smut, and Smut for All!

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