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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
A Must Read for fans of BDSM Erotica!
Yes, I'm pimping one of my writer friends again, but this one is really awesome! Multi-published author Laura Bacchi has done it again in this sultry, kinky tale with a touch of mystery:

Topping ToraBy Laura BacchiISBN 1-59578-294-X Available now at Liquid Silver BooksTora Wolff craves domination, and at Club Xotica, she expects to get it. When the man who tops her at work shows up to top her at play, Tora can’t believe her bad luck. And she hasn’t even found the dead body yet...Jovan Creel wants a woman who’s willing to submit, and not just any woman. He wants Tora. But after all the fun and games are over, will she want him? When Tora decides to explore her submissive side with another man, someone more experienced--and much more dangerous--Jovan soon discovers it's not a question of Tora wanting him when she returns to Atlanta. It's a question of whether she can return at all.For an excerpt, click here. Contains: D/s, multiple partners, M-M-F, F-F, heavy spanking, light bondage, anal sex.

Keep your eyes open for my soon-to-be-posted cover for my BDSM novel, The Dark Garden, due out in June 2007! Check here and on my website for updates:

Meanwhile, I'll be making an appearance in Seattle later this week. I'm presenting my first workshop, 'An Exercise in Sensuality', to the Greater Seattle RWA chapter this Saturday, November 4th. Wish me luck!
I've recently put together a MySpace page-it's about time! Vist me there at:

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Slacking again...
I know all I've been doing lately is posting promo for my fellow authors, but truly, these are some fabulous reads-and I've been too busy to do anything more.
I have copy edits to turn in to Bantam by Friday, a 30K novella (Sanctuary) to finish for Berkley by November 1st, then I go to Seattle to present my first workshop to the Seattle RWA chapter (it's called An Exercise in Sensuality) on November 2nd, and I'm moving this week! So, I'm really not slacking all the way around, but I have been ignoring my poor, neglected blog.
I did have some exciting news recently-I got the cover art for The Dark Garden, my upcoming June 2007 single title release with Bantam! It's gorgeous! Too soon to share, but keep your eyes open and I'll post it when I can.
I'm also busy developing my next two books for Bantam (hopefully), plus another 25-30K novella, so I have too many stories in my head right now-makes it hard to think!
I also finally got on MySpace! I've been putting it off, but it seems to be a great promotional tool for other authors, so I did it! You can see me on MySpace at:
I'll customize it and make it pretty when I can figure out how to do it.
Don't forget, my contemporary erotic novella, Isle of Desire, is on sale now at ! See my promo trailer on my MySpace page!
And you can still find my erotic novella, Heatwave, at
Okay-back to work-no rest for the wicked...
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Friday, October 13, 2006
Wereplanets: In Ice on Sale Now!


by Crystal Jordan

A hot read from my friend, Crystal Jordan! If you like shapeshifters, In Ice will satisfy in a totally unique way. Buy it now!

Jain Roberts' spaceship was supposed to dock at the new colony on the water world of Aquitilis. Instead, she crash lands after 500 years in cryongenic freeze on an icy mountainous planet. A planet populated by monstrous predators and shape-shifting bears. Kesuk, the Arctic Bear leader, rescues her from the snow, but the laws of his people say she is now his slave until she repays him for the favor. He intends to give her over to the first trading vessel bound for Aquitilis, if he can convince himself to keep his hands off of her.
About Crystal:
Crystal Jordan only began writing about a year ago after she finished graduate school and needed something to fill the hours that used to be eaten away by homework. What started as a hobby has quickly become a new career. She now writes paranormal, futuristic, contemporary, and erotic romance. Additionally, she is a member of RWA and its erotic romance chapter, Passionate Ink. She also belongs to the award winning author's resource website and forum, where she serves as a moderator and Paranormal Co-liaison.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006
A must read!
Raleigh in Rio
eBook ISBN: 1-59426-498-8
Published By: Phaze
Release Date: October 2, 2006
Written by: Cassidy Kent

Raleigh Campbell just learned that her five year marriage was a sham. Not only did she find her husband in their bed with a co-worker, but he has been carrying on the affair for four years! To cheer her up, Raleigh’s friends take her to Rio during Carnivale to celebrate her 30th birthday and pending divorce.Little does she know that her soon-to-be ex has cheated his company more than her. Private investigator Cristo Santiago has been assigned to watch Raleigh’s every move in search of twelve million dollars of embezzled corporate money and that’s landed him in the hot waters of obsession. His love for Raleigh is sealed under the starry Rio sky, but can he find the missing money without losing Raleigh’s trust?
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