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Saturday, November 26, 2005
TMI about me
Thanks to fellow Phaze author, Anna Fallon ( who provided (insisted I answer ) these questions:

Three things you like about yourself: I think I'm friendly, very open-minded, and pretty smart.
Three things you don't like about yourself: I can be a whiner, I'm forgetful these days, I'm too hard on myself.
Three parts of your heritage : I get my writing skils from my Mom, my cooking skills from my Grandma, and my raunchy sense of humor from my Dad.
Three things that scare you: Like Anna, I am deathly afraid of sharks. Clowns are really scary-I hated going to the circus as a child. I have this fear that I'm going to lose everything in a fire. Really scary being evacuated from my home a few weeks ago due to a fire!
Three of your everyday essentials: A cuddle with my b/f and my pets (a cat and two dogs), tons of water, my computer
Three things you are wearing right now: my standard 'work' wardrobe: sweats (the cute, hip-hugger kind) my fuzzy slippers and a long-sleeved cotton T. Not what people imagine we sex-crazed erotica authors wear...?
Three of your favorite songs: That changes all the time, but currently I find I'm listening a lot to: 'Love Hurts' by Nazareth, 'Drive' by Incubus, and 'I'm With You' by Avril Levigne.
Three things I want in a relationship: trust, affection, sense of humor,
Two truths and a lie: Not telling which is which: I got a tattoo when I was eighteen years old, I once had sex on the stage at a nightclub after hours, I once had a three-way in a hot tub.
Three things you can't live without: friends, family, writing.
Three places you want to go on vacation: back to Cancun-my favorite vacation spot ever! Greece-I've always wanted to take a small boat and tour the Greek islands. Italy, for the art, architecture and the food.
Three things you just can't do: 1) Open my eyes under water. I've tried, but I can't do it. 2)Skydiving/parasailing/paragliding-anything involving great heights. 3)Go anywhere without any makeup on. But I had eye surgery two weeks ago and haven't been able to wear a scrap of makeup since-pure torture!
Three kids names: Isabelle, Michaela, Logan.
Three things you want to do before you die: Hit the New York Times best seller list, make my family proud of me, be of some service to the world.
Three celeb crushes: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Naveen Andrews (from Lost)
Three of your favorite musicians: David Bowie, Carlos Santana, Annie Lennox.
Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you: expressive eyes, great smile, and I have a thing about a certain type of hands.
Three of your favorite hobbies: reading, cooking, shopping!
Three things you really want to do badly right now: buy everything I see for my brand new nephew, have my house magically clean without having to do it myself, meet my writing deadlines!
Three careers you're considering/you've considered: psychologist (I went to college for it but could never get through the math classes), midwife/OB nurse (same issue as above), owner of a bookstore.
Three ways that you are sterotypically a boy: Ooh, this is a hard one-I'm a girly girl through and through. Let's see...okay, I cannot be shocked by foul language or sexual situatiuons. When I was a kid, I was an expert tree-climber. I can drink a shot of Jack Daniels down clean.
Three ways that you are sterotypically a girl: Shopping is one of my favorite past times. I feel naked without full makeup, perfume and jewelry. I cry at sad movies, TV shows, weddings, just about anything.
Three people that I would like to see post this meme: Sherice, Briana, Maria.
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Sunday, November 20, 2005
My new cover!

Well, I'm recovering from my eye surgery slowly and can't be on the computer much-very frustrating! But I managed to start writing my next novella, Winter Soulstice yesterday. But the big news is I got the cover for my romance novel, Cherokee Cowboy, this morning! I think she did a beautiful job! Thanks to my awesoem publisher at New Age Dimensions, Melissa Alvarez, for my gorgeous cover!
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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Quiet Day
Not much happening this last week, but I thought I'd post here anyway.
I'm due to have laser eye surgery this Friday. Very scary, but exciting, too! I've been told I'll have to be off the computer for at least a few days and possibly as long as a week-pure torture! Almost as bad is the fact that I can't wear makeup for two weeks!
Now, I know for some of you that's not a big deal, but I'm a makeup girl. I haven't left the house since 1979 without makeup. I even wear a little waterproof mascara at the beach. Some people have suggested this might be good for me, that at the end of it I'll feel much more relaxed about going without makeup. IMO, if this happens, it will be a major miracle. We shall see.
Meanwhile, I'm working like crazy, editing book reviews at Romance Divas, doing some crit work for my critique partners, writing e-mails, trying to preapre myself for the down time.
Have I talked much lately about Romance Divas? It's the most fabulous website and discussion forum for writers. We have a membership of almost 800, writers in all stages of their writing careers, from the newest beginner to multi-pubbed authors. We have great workshops and chats with authors from every genre, and it's a great place to network with other writers. Let's face it, writing is a solitary pursuit. And can anyone in our lives, no matter how caring and supportive, truly understand things like when our characters talk to us, when we get to write those magical words 'The End' on a story we've been working on for months-maybe even years, the utter frustration of writers block, the challenges and pain of having to mercilessly cut our manuscript because we're 3,000 words over word count? How many of our loved ones can we talk to about the pros and cons of using 1st person POV as opposed to 3rd person? If you have someone in your life you can talk to about your writing in depth, you're very lucky! If not, come to visit us at
Learn, make friends, have fun!
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Thursday, November 03, 2005
I'm in Playgirl!
Okay-that didn't come out right...LOL!
At Phaze, my erotica publisher, we made a connection with a wonderful gal named Megan Hussy, who is a staff writer for Playgirl magazine. She's been such a doll, letting us do chats on her yahoo group and such. A few months ago she decided to do a column in the magazine about the Phaze authors . This is really awesome because they have a readership of half a million!
Go buy the December issue so you can see the Phaze article! And...there may be a few entertaining pics in there, too...
On the writing front, I'm going full speed ahead with plotting my short story/novella aimed at Phaze's winter Heat Sheet series. I hope my editor likes it! This advance plotting thing is new to me, but boy, does it work!
My biggest problem was naming the hero. He was being stubborn and not telling me his name. I finally settled on one, but it's not quite the one he wanted. We'll see if he lets me write the story since I'm forcing the name on him. He's letting me go with it for now because at least I made him Irish-he was quite insistent about that!
Just so you all don't think I'm crazy, most of the writers I've talked to have these same thoughts, these same conversations with their characters. One even recently admitted she'd dreamed about her characters! So really, I'm not nuts. I'm just a writer. Really...
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