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Thursday, December 29, 2005
HEAT WAVE is a prize!
Well, I've always thought so , and now it really is!
Fellow erotic romance author from Phaze, Calista Fox, is running her 'Baby It's Cold Outside' contest and my short erotica novella, HEAT WAVE is the prize! Well, one of them. She'll also be giving away a nice basket with gourmet cocoa, aromatherapy candles and a sexy DVD (that one is a surprise!), plus some other goodies, including a copy of erotic novella 'The Invitation' by Ava McKnight. Take a look at Calista's website to enter:
Lots of other fun stuff there, too, and she runs contests all the time! The deadline for this one is January 10th, so go enter now!

In my writing news, I have completed 'Winter Soulstice' (all except for final edits & polishing) and I'm three chapters into my BDSM novel, 'The Lair', which is going really well! I need to stop there and write the synopsis, then write the forst three chapters & synopsis on 'Love & Discipline'. I intend to package both stories with my already completed manuscript, 'The Bonds of Love' and submit them as a three-book anthology. This project is very exciting for me (aside from the usual reasons) because it'll be my first anthology, and I always love to write kink!
Gotta mention again, my steamy romance novel, Cherokee Cowboy, is available now at
Some VERY hot love scenes, a gorgeous half-Cherokee cowboy and a beautiful mountain setting-what more could you ask for?
Hope you all had a very happy holiday. Stay safe and have fun on New Years'!
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