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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Exciting News!!!
It became official this morning, so I can finally tell everyone: I have a two book deal with Bantam Dell! They want The Dark Garden as well as my three-novella erotica anthology!
After a five day bidding war, I'm exhausted, but it was very exciting! Now I really have to finish these books! Not sure I can come down off my cloud to write today-we'll see.
I'm so excited I can hardly stand myself!
Huge thanks to my wonderful agent, Roberta Brown, of the Brown Literary Agency, for handling all of this!
I am so excited about working with Bantam-they are a very prestigious publishing house, with a list of amazing, best-selling authors. I really think they can take my career places other publishers can't. I can't wait to talk with my new editor and find out how and when this will all happen. Check back for more news!
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