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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Romance Divas update!
Today we set up a Yahoo group so we can all keep in touch and get our Diva fix! There are a big bunch of us chatting away over there. Night Diva Maria and I went through all 2,700 members and sent an email notice to all the members we recognized as being active to invite them to the Yahoo group, but with so many to comb through it's possible we missed someone. And a number of the emails bounced back to us. If you did not get an invite, please don't take it personally-we spent the day scrambling to set this up and then had some technical issues.
Please join us on the Diva Yahoo loop by going here. If you have any trouble with it, please search for 'RomanceDivas2007'. (If you just go to the 'Romance Divas' group, it lets you into the old newsletter loop).
If you don't have a Yahoo account you can get one for free. You don't have to use it for email if you don't want to-just for the group. When setting it up, though, please set your account to Special Announcements, so we can reach you in case of this sort of emergency, and set your default email to one you will check (it will offer the option of using an alternate email when you set up your profile.
Again, if anyone has questions, please email me at
We're still not sure how long the forum will be down. It's there, but in terrible shape. Don't worry if it won't let you log in-this is all temporary!
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