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Thursday, April 10, 2008
Off to the Romantic Times Convention!

Well, almost...I leave on the 15th. This is always an exciting event and I can't wait to get there! Hundreds of authors (and I am still in awe of my favorites-meeting them in person never gets old), readers and booksellers, lots of books and writerly swag, and of course, the costume parties!
I am a total costume geek, and am distressed that due to life's circumstances, I haven't had quite as much to put into my costumes this year as I would have liked. But I think they're still pretty nice, and I love to play dress-up.
I'll be signing at the RT convention Book Fair at the Marriott Hotel in Pittsburg, on Saturday, April 19th from 11AM-2PM. If you're in town, I hope you'll come by and see me! Lots of great authors there, free chocolate, and maybe a few cover models wandering around, too. One can hope, right?
I'll be promoting my upcoming books. My May 20th release, HOT NIGHTS, DARK DESIRES, is a three-novella anthology, with stories by me, Stephanie Tyler and Sydney Croft. My story, THE ART OF DESIRE, is about a tattoo fetish-one which I happen to have, so I could really relate to my heroine! You can visit my website for an excerpt:

FORBIDDEN FRUIT, my lusciously sensual food fetish book, will be out in October, but I just got word that I may have some advance copies at RT, so a few people may get a sneak peek! You can read the blurb on my website-an excerpt is coming soon!
Hope to see some of you at RT!

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  • At 5:43 AM, Blogger Jax Cassidy said…

    I totally LOVED DNHD! I suggest everyone run out and get a copy :)

    Let's just say I got the hookup and was gifted an ARC...wouldn't you like to be my friend? LOL

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