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Monday, June 02, 2008
So, one of my e-books with Phaze, BREAKING SKYE, is going to be included in the BDSM print anthology, SURRENDER, along with authors Eliza Gayle, Alessia Brio and Reece Gabriel! We just got our release date-June 23rd-and they've done a really gorgeous cover for us! I'm waiting until release day to unveil it, so you'll have to check back!
Meanwhile, I'm almost done with my 21st Century Courtesan book-I'm on the final chapter. This book has gone so smoothly, it's been a little scary (or maybe I'm being paranoid?), but of course, now that I'm at the end I'm having one block after another. Endings are always hard for me. You have to tie everything up, make everything come full circle, and I'm always afraid it's going to be cheesy, which I hate-lol! I love romance, but I cannot write the cheese! My friend Dana Belfry always says "But I love the cheese", so I may have to dedicate any cheese in this book to her. *G*
Speaking of Dana, she and I met a few writer friends, Shante' Lanay and my cp of 6 1/2 years, the fabulous Gemma Halliday, at Venice Beach on Saturday. I love Venice Beach-all those $6.00 sunglasses, the incense, the cheap silver jewelry, the people-watching-and OMG, the full on freak show was out in force! And they now have an actual Freak Show on the boardwalk. In front of the place was a guy holding a two-headed snake, aptly named Laverne & Shirley, which I think is hysterical. I got to pet her, which completely freaked out Gemma and Shante'. Luckily, Dana didn't mid hanging out and taking a picture of my weird little friend.That's it for my adventures until I get this book done and turned in. I'll be chained to my computer for the next 10 days. Wish me luck! Donations of chocolate are welcome and can be left quietly on the front porch.
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