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Thursday, June 05, 2008
Taken, baby!

Lillian Feisty's Spice Briefs just came out, and it's one hot story! If you can't tell by the cover, just read the blurb below...
They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But for Chloe, life in “Sin City” has been all business without a hint of the adventure and naughtiness aluded to in that slogan. Until now! With Walker and Jo in town, Chloe’s about to end her long dry spell and live her ultimate fantasy–a menage a trois with the two sexiest men she knows. As the three of them plunge into wild sexual exploration with passion and inventiveness, Chloe soon discovers what new heights of sensuality can be experienced when so many hands, lips and organs work together to drive her beyond the limits of ecstasy.

You can buy TAKEN on eHarlequin now! And while you're there, you can pick up my Spice Briefs story, SOUL STRANGERS, too. The more the merrier!
Spice Briefs is putting out some smokin' hot stories by some of the top erotic authors. With three new releases each month in all the erotic sub-genres, there's something for everyone!

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