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Friday, December 04, 2009
Chef Lee Launches 'And He Can Cook'!
My dear friend and food consultant for my food fetish book, FORBIDDEN FRUIT, Chef Lee, has just launched his new website to promote his cooking guide for clueless guys, AND HE CAN COOK!
Chef Lee taught my own boyfriend, whose idea of cooking was sticking a frozen dinner in the microwave, to make eggs-two different ways! Believe me, this was a miracle. He's since gone on to learn how to put together a salad and make French toast. If my guy can learn to cook, anyone can-and Chef Lee is just the guy to do it! And there's a lot more to him than cooking advice-check out his website and see:
Chef Lee's new book, AND HE CAN COOK will be available next week! This is the perfect holiday gift for any guy you know: smart, easy-to-use, funny and sexy cooking and dating tips!
You can keep up with Chef Lee on his blog-he'll discuss cooking, do's and don't's for dating, and he'll be interviewing all sorts of fascinating people, including a bunch of romance and erotica authors, since his wife is the fabulous R.G. Alexander! I'll be interviewed by Chef Lee soon, so be sure to check back!
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